May 21, 2011

Numero Uno!!

My baby turned 1 today. Well, technically yesterday. We partied today due to it being a Saturday and, well, let's face it, the only sunny day we'll be seeing for a while. *sigh* How can it be?! Sometimes I want her to stay little forever, but since it cannot be, we might as well eat cake. And oh, what a cake! Here are a few scene's from the happy day.

A few of the party guests.

The Birthday Girl!!

See what I mean! A.MA.ZING. And it tasted great too. Made specially for Isla by the talented and lovely Jenn Bradshaw. Thanks Jenn!!

Cassie came to celebrate and brought Isla the biggest, most ginormous bear she could find. Seriously. It's huge.

I don't think she minds!

What a year!! It went too fast. We fall more in love with this little woman every day. Happy Birthday sweetheart!!


  1. I'm so sad I missed the presents and cake! Daniel said the cake was fabulous. In fact, he requested a repeat of Isla's party for his own in July.

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  3. I know I'm supposed to be happy...but I am sitting here with tears all over the keyboard...I love seeing the sweets at the table (by "sweets", I mean MY sweets) and I love it that you gave Isla the whole cake in true McConnell fashion...and I love it that her toes were touching the cake. I love it all. Happy Birthday to Isla, and sending love to everyone...

  4. Ahhh! So adorable! The pictures of all the cousins! Isla licking her fingers! I love it all! Happy Birthday Isla!

  5. so cute! Love her! And Happy Bithday Miss Isla! Finn wants to kiss her, he keeps trying to grab the laptop. He's still in love! haha