July 28, 2010

Just cuz she's so cute...


Yep, that's right, 29. I have a feeling this is going to be my vintage year. I'll look back and say, "29, now that was a good year."
I just happen to have been born on the greatest holiday ever to have a Birthday on, Pioneer Day. Here is why:
1. There is a parade EVERY year.
2. Most everyone has the day off.
3. It's not such a big holiday that it ruins your birthday.
4. Rodeo + Pioneer heritage = I can wear my cowboy hat and not feel like a poser.
5. Fireworks

Do YOU get all that on your birthday? Didn't think so.

First in the parade were these guys:

I cried when they marched pass.

They were followed by these guys:

More crying.

Isla, perfecting her wave as the Beauty Queens passed.

My sweet neicies walked around the Farmer's Market with us and couldn't resist the face painting. Do you blame them?

Ah, yes, the Rodeo. What can I say, I love the rodeo. It's exciting and funny and they sell real navajo taco's on fry bread. I couldn't have asked for more.
p.s. check out the photo bomb in the background! Thanks guy for making this one photo picture perfect.

p.p.s. Ben is my hero. He is the real reason I enjoy my Birthday every year because he does all the little things that make it special. Thanks hon, I love you.

July 15, 2010

Bluegrass Baby

In an attempt to resurrect some of my musical capabilities I have decided to take guitar lessons. Of course who better to take guitar from than Danielle Vaughn. She suggested that I go the the Snowbird Song School at the Mountain Music Festival. It was taught be Steve Seskin, a master song writer and wonderful teacher. It was an amazing class and things really started to click for me there and inspired me to start writing for myself more. It was just what I needed to fill my cup with. Ben and Isla came along for fun and we got a condo with a kitchen. Ooh la la, we felt so fancy with our accommodations in the Snowbird Lodge, thank goodness for summer rates! The view alone was worth it, not to mention the amazing musicians bouncing around carrying their instruments to the festival. Isla was an angel the whole time and we had so much fun as a family at the festival. We think Isla is going to be our little Bluegrass Baby, she seemed to like it so much. I think Ben and I are officially searching the market for a mandolin or a banjo. Let us know if you have one you want to sell!

Steve Seskin and I

Marny Proudfit, me, Danielle Vaughn

Isla conked out during Catie Curtis and slept all through The Badly Bent

At the top of Mineral Basin. I'd never been to Snowbird before, but I can tell you that view had me craving snow season like never before. We'll be back in January armed with our snowboards.

The view from our room.

And of course, no post is complete without a little Isla love. I think she had a pretty good vacation too seeing as she was hamming it up for us every time we got back to the room. We can't get enough of our sweet little girl.

July 6, 2010

4th of July Shenanigans

Isla's lil' cousin D having a snack, yum!

Huntsville is still considered somewhat of a small town, which means they are a little short on regulation.I'm pretty sure no one has ever been skewered by a dum-dum or slapped silly by an otter-pop being flung at them from an overloaded 4th of July parade float i.e. tractor full of underage kids, but there is a first for everything. For now, they win the prize for best treats thrown at a crowd, ever. Lil' E was happy to share, after the first lick of course.

Seriously, is there ANYTHING cuter than a baby in a swimsuit?

Aww, babies first fireworks...I think she liked it...

Oh, yeah, rockin the sparklers with the nieces!

P.S. I missed my brothers more than ever on the 4th. Jeff is serving in the Air Force as a flight medic and Levi is with the Army in Iraq. I am humbled and grateful for their decision to serve our country and protect our freedoms. Keep them in your prayers. Thanks guys! We love you!