July 18, 2011

The Summer Sizzle with Mustard and Catch up...

Hi Friends! It's July and we've been lovin' every minute of it. We've spent lots of time swimming, going to the zoo, watching parades and fireworks, and generally hanging out with our cousins. Here is the month in pictures...

For extra points, see if you can spot the tiger.

The 4th of July!! One of my favorite holidays. Hunstville is the best for old timey Americana. We started with a pancake breakfast in the park and then headed over to the parade. One float was full of cheerleaders from the local high school spraying everyone with water guns. As they passed by the house we were sitting in front of, the owner came out with his garden hose on full blast and doused them all. Hilarious. See what I mean? You'd never see that in a big city parade.

Waving the red, white, and blue!

That night we returned to Huntsville Park and set ourselves up for the fireworks. We ate sweet chex mix, now dubbed "Satan's Snack Mix" because the stuff is so addictive, played frisbee and danced the night away. Seriously, the DeeJay played music all night and it was like a huge dance party in the park. Then we got cozy and watched the magic of Isla's first fireworks. We were so excited to see her face light up with surprise, but after all that dancin...she fell asleep.

Hiking! Ben got brave and loaded up Isla in the back packer and we headed up to Waterfall Canyon. It was worth it. The mist from the waterfall was so nice and Isla was amazed at the sight of it.

Cuddling up to mom at a summer concert in the park. Love.

Every year on the Sunday before the 24th of July, Weber State hosts a summer pops concert and firework show out on the grass by the duck pond. It has been a tradition to go and picnic and listen to the symphony since I was kid. I look forward to it every year. This year was no exception.

Isla didn't like her glow sticks in a necklace.

There, fixed it.

Lil' E, however, likes his glow sticks any way he can get them.

Happy Summer!!


  1. July is almost worse than December to miss. I am feeling the love when I see all the kidlets together having so much fun. Hugs and kisses all around, from gamma.

  2. Ohhhh I love the pictures!! Happy b-day Kindle, I hope it was fantastico. I'm sad I missed out on those fireworks.. and waterfall canyon..
    Isla is a doll!! So beauuutiful.