January 18, 2010

Um....Happy Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year! Ah, shucks.

First, We went to St. George for Thanksgiving and burned off a few extra calories by hiking Angel's Landing in Zion's National Park.

The trail winds up this ridge and is scary...

...but the view is amazing.

Next, we gained those calories back by drinking lots of hot chocolate.

Christmas brought...


a tree...


...and Levi! 
Fresh from basic training in his handsome uniform. He let us take some patriotic pictures and he tried his best to look like a serious soldier, but we know better.

The kids got up early to open presents, and by kids I mean everyone but lil'E and lil'D. They slept in. 

Apparently, the excitement of Christmas morning was almost too much for us to handle.

Lastly, Ben and Levi thought it would be hilarious to usher in the new year by rigging up my homemade ginger bread house/shack with explosives. Of course it didn't go as planned and they almost caught the blasted patio roof on fire. The banshee you hear screaming in the back ground would be me watching from inside the house. Enjoy!