July 6, 2010

4th of July Shenanigans

Isla's lil' cousin D having a snack, yum!

Huntsville is still considered somewhat of a small town, which means they are a little short on regulation.I'm pretty sure no one has ever been skewered by a dum-dum or slapped silly by an otter-pop being flung at them from an overloaded 4th of July parade float i.e. tractor full of underage kids, but there is a first for everything. For now, they win the prize for best treats thrown at a crowd, ever. Lil' E was happy to share, after the first lick of course.

Seriously, is there ANYTHING cuter than a baby in a swimsuit?

Aww, babies first fireworks...I think she liked it...

Oh, yeah, rockin the sparklers with the nieces!

P.S. I missed my brothers more than ever on the 4th. Jeff is serving in the Air Force as a flight medic and Levi is with the Army in Iraq. I am humbled and grateful for their decision to serve our country and protect our freedoms. Keep them in your prayers. Thanks guys! We love you!


  1. It's to bad you didn't get a pic of Isla giving a bit of a smile after the first initial shock of the water. She secretly liked it :)

  2. Kindle,
    You are amazing! WHat cute images of these little ones. By the way, you look like a smokin hot super model in these photos, especially the one with the shades on. Just sayin...