June 24, 2010

Everything's coming up roses...

Can I tell you how much I heart being a mom? I LOVE it. Truly. Even the stinky parts of it. Isla is my buddy, we are attached at the hip. I love watching her eyes get bright when there is a sudden shift in light or a change in atmosphere, everything a new experience. I love comforting her when she's unsure or scared, or even just hungry and tired. I love cooing with her in the mornings when she's bright eyed and well rested. Her personality is emerging everyday and we are sure there are implications that we may have a confident and strong little girl on our hands, traits we couldn't be fonder of. I also love who she is helping me to become. The constant care and attention she needs has been a humbling way for me to learn how to serve more selflessly. I find myself suddenly more sympathetic and patient of others, now that I would give everything I am for the well being of this tiny human. I consider being child-like a humble and perfect trait to nurture within, how strange and wonderful that we should be stewards over our mentors in this matter. God is a master play-write and irony makes for an intriguing plot I suppose. Everything looks rosy these days now that we have her in our lives. I am so grateful. And Happy.

P.S. It is irritating enough just hearing your recorded voice, let alone when you are doing baby-talk. What can we say, we love our kid. Feel free to turn down the volume to avoid the super annoying but completly enamored parents in the background!


  1. The baby talk is definitely a key part of making all of us nerdy loving parents : )

  2. I love videos! Feels like I'm there with you all.