July 15, 2010

Bluegrass Baby

In an attempt to resurrect some of my musical capabilities I have decided to take guitar lessons. Of course who better to take guitar from than Danielle Vaughn. She suggested that I go the the Snowbird Song School at the Mountain Music Festival. It was taught be Steve Seskin, a master song writer and wonderful teacher. It was an amazing class and things really started to click for me there and inspired me to start writing for myself more. It was just what I needed to fill my cup with. Ben and Isla came along for fun and we got a condo with a kitchen. Ooh la la, we felt so fancy with our accommodations in the Snowbird Lodge, thank goodness for summer rates! The view alone was worth it, not to mention the amazing musicians bouncing around carrying their instruments to the festival. Isla was an angel the whole time and we had so much fun as a family at the festival. We think Isla is going to be our little Bluegrass Baby, she seemed to like it so much. I think Ben and I are officially searching the market for a mandolin or a banjo. Let us know if you have one you want to sell!

Steve Seskin and I

Marny Proudfit, me, Danielle Vaughn

Isla conked out during Catie Curtis and slept all through The Badly Bent

At the top of Mineral Basin. I'd never been to Snowbird before, but I can tell you that view had me craving snow season like never before. We'll be back in January armed with our snowboards.

The view from our room.

And of course, no post is complete without a little Isla love. I think she had a pretty good vacation too seeing as she was hamming it up for us every time we got back to the room. We can't get enough of our sweet little girl.


  1. Oh i need to come see her again! she is so adorable!!!

  2. Man..she is sooo smiley! I miss kissing on my sweety! (please kiss for me, will ya?) glad you had a good time...love ya

  3. She is so smiley! She must be so happy!!!! Looks like a blast, Trent wants to go next year so remind us ok?