October 17, 2010

Good Dog

Everytime I see someone walking past our little house I pause and wait for it. The barking. It's so quiet now that my sweet dog is gone. It's a little unsettling how much trust we put into her to protect our house and give us peace of mind. A few weeks ago I had left the front door wide open to let in the fresh air. As I tucked Isla in for a nap I got nervous for a split second that maybe it was unsafe, but I figured if there were any danger Sophie would let me know with that big bark of hers that was often intimidating to outsiders. So many times I'd yell out the window for her to stop barking and now I find myself sadly missing it. Just pulling into the drive way and seeing the empty spot on the porch is enough to make my eyes well up.

The thought of going on a hike and not having her there seems so foreign and lonely. What if an animal comes or a suspicious person is on the trail, who'll watch out for us? All these unnoticed securities we had entrusted to our dog, a job she took on happily. She was loyal, particular in who she trusted, protective, sweet, calm, and a fantastic house guest. She could be cunning and very instinctual, especially when it came down to wild animals. She scrapped with 3 skunks, 2 raccoons, 1 porcupine,a handful of various rodents, and once had a near miss with a rattlesnake to be exact.

I loved how strong she was, and there was no denying that she was a truly beautiful animal. I loved her for being excited to see us after a long days work, even when we were too tired to go on a walk. I will miss seeing her run through deep snow in the winter, her favorite. I will miss the way she used to howl and tap her paws when she got excited to see a friend or loved one. Most of all I think I will miss that bark that let us know she was there, watching out for us. Thank you, Sophie. Good dog.


  1. There are many favorite things about Sophie. I especially loved the way she would bellow out Hello and pretend that she was going to lick you all over, except her tongue never really touched you!...like she was faking you out...I loved that. I also loved to watch her play with your Dad....that was some serious play for both of them. She was one of us.

  2. Oh I am sad, Kindle and Ben I am sorry that she passed. She really was a good dog.