August 15, 2010

Claire's Baby Shower

Fresh peaches, strawberries, bananas, and blueberries
Roasted potatoes with herbed creme fresh

Assorted quiches:
Spinach, artichoke, and feta
Bacon, portobello, and swiss
Green pepper, onion, tomato, sausage, and cheddar

Assorted tarts:
Fig, gorgonzola, hazelnut, and balsamic
Fig, vanilla, and ricotta
Roasted shallot, basil, and goat cheese

Strawberry cake with strawberry buttercream


  1. I love everything you guys did! It looks like you had a great time...wish I could have been there. Love my girls....

  2. it was soooo wonderful! thanks for inviting us :)

  3. ....I keep thinking about that incredible fig, gorgonzola, and hazelnut tart! WOW....!
    That and getting to see Claire and her baby basketball and huggin on Isla and kissing on "D" and "E" and just seeing my fav's....
    The McGirls did it up good!