October 8, 2009


My little brother Levi has the best smile. The sides of his mouth curve into a perfect U shape, much better than the straight line of my own smile. His smile is how he earned the affectionate nickname, Elmer, as a baby. The resemblance was uncanny, bald head and that cute little smile, and of course the R's pronounced as W's. "I'm gonna git dat wascally wabbit." The nickname became an endearing reminder of the sweet boy we all adore, even though at times it is now buried under the tough exterior of a soldier. Levi is currently earning the title of soldier at basic training with the Army, working to serve our country with honor. I saw a picture of him at my mom's house, sent from base last week. He looked tired, but had that same great smile none the less. He told us before he left that all he wanted to do was something in his life that would bring honor to his name. I know the reality is that we are the ones who are honored to have him. Wuv you Elmer, big sis.

Levi and Dad 

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