September 24, 2009

Summer luvin', had me a blast...

Fall is here. I can feel it in the crisp morning air. After living in Colorado for the last four summers, I can finally say I've had the summer I had longed for here in Utah. It was hot, full of fireworks and watermelon, rodeo's, and even included a river float or two. It was fun and just what we needed. Here's just a little sample:


Bear Lake

(love those niecies)

Late Summer Harvest

Yes, just what we needed.


  1. You're so darling Kindle! I bet your families are thrilled that you're back in Utah. Good Luck with the emotional highs and lows that inevitably come with the adoption process. I'll keep you in my prayers...:)

    Good to see what you've been up to!

  2. Ben and Kindle--We are so glad we found your blog! This is so cute. . .We'll also keep you in our prayers. Best of luck! And we hope to get to see you again soon!
    Joseph and Megan

  3. you look gorg!!!!! WOw is all that from your garden? Aren't they so fun? Can't wait to hear about all the fun,crazy, times ahead. Good luck, love you girly. We're praying for you guys.